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As the former Artistic Director of the EmilyAnn Theatre, Bridget Gates and her team of teachers, students,  and actors believe it’s essential to continue offering theatre education to the community and children of Wimberley and Central Texas.  Hundreds of young  students have created a safe, loving, and artistic community together as a theatre family.  Central Texas Theatre Academy will allow these students, and many new and future students, to continue learning,  loving, and growing with the same team and programs they feel comfortable and safe in, but now in a new building with a new name.  The staff and students need your help in taking the first steps in making this happen.  Your amazing and so appreciated support will make the following possible:

-Get us all moved into our new space and theatre learning home in Wimberley, TX
-Help us get the needed signage for the new center. 
-Enable the company to buy chairs for the students
-Help in small restoration needs of the building.  

Thank you so much for believing in our youth and supporting them and the arts in a BIG way.  

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